Homs celebra l’elecció de Joe Biden com a 46è president d’EEUU i de Kamala Harris com a primera vicepresidenta del país


The PSIB-PSOE wants to express its satisfaction with the election of Democrat Joe Biden as the 46th president of the United States of America, as well as the historic fact that Kamala Harris is the country's first female vice president.

Socialist MEP Alícia Homs has also shown her satisfaction at this news: "With Biden and Harris a new stage opens, with which the first stone is laid to reverse the populist period in the West." Thus, for the socialist, Trump's defeat "represents the short and medium-term end of Brexit, Le Pen, Salvini, Bolsonaro or Abascal, among others."

In this sense, Homs has positively valued the possibility of recovering an essential ally, “an ally that represents the values, principles, and beliefs that give rise to our liberal democracies, together with the European Union."

For this reason, the MEP has stated that the election of the Democrat represents "a new point of reference for the transformation of the West, set in the fight against climate change and the digital transformation of our societies."

In this new stage, also released by the first vice president of the United States, the socialists hope that “hate speech, confrontation, and extremism will be left behind; and begins a new stage of the dialogue, consensus, union, and harmony, in which the fight against the pandemic, social and economic reconstruction and the recovery of rights and freedoms are the priorities of the main world power."

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