Alícia Homs addresses the Winter School of JSE


On February 23th, Alícia Homs moved to Madrid to address the Winter School of the Spanish Socialist Youth; an event that brought together more than 250 socialists youth from all over the country under the slogan “Past, present and future.”

The conference was attended, among others, by Adriana Lastra, deputy secretary-general of the PSOE and representative for the Socialist Parliamentary Group in Congress; by the former president of the Government, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero or by Pilar Llop, president of the Senate. Homs came as MEP and as president of the European Socialist Youth (YES).

“In training schools like the one you have been able to join this weekend has been where I have learned the most that today allows me to defend socialists’ values, principles and ideas in the European Parliament. Give Socialist Youth all the importance you can, because it is not only school on a personal level, but also a tool of change our society,” said Homs at the beginning of her speech.

The weekend served to gather young socialist militants to analyse and discuss the history of the Socialist Youth. There talked about the past and clandestine militancy during the Franco dictatorship; and about the present, the role that trade unionism plays in the new digital economic model and of the challenges that contemporary social democracy has. Also from the future.

Western democracies are weakened. During these past ten years, the meaning of the EU has been threatened more than ever. The economic and financial crisis of 2008 meant the loss of purchasing power of the middle classes. This resulted in greater inequality and precariousness. In addition, globalization has led to the emergence of populist parties that threaten the stability and increase radicalism at European lee. All this has resulted in greater disaffection among our people.

To solve this problem, the role of young people is very important. As Homs said, young socialists "must act", and must do so "transforming ideas into proposals and making them reach to all our socialist companions, who work in an autonomous, national and European level to make them happen and move towards progress."

At European level, we are already working with “ambitious and very necessary” objectives; such as achieving the European Green Deal, which will achieve a transition to a green economy by 2050; fair regulation for digital platform worker or reach the European minimum wage.

"Citizens demand and expect that policy end these inequalities, and a European minimum wage would be a boost in the right direction [...] We cannot allow young people to have to allocate 123% of their salary to rent," Homs defended.

EU must answer the problems its citizenship is suffering. “We are at a key moment that will mark the future of the next thirty years. As young people, rebels and nonconformists, we must always claim that the appropriate steps be taken to achieve progress, equal opportunities and sustainability,” concluded.

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