Alícia Homs applauds the demand for a binding Youth Guarantee instrument for the Member States


The European Parliament has passed a resolution asking the European Commission to propose a Youth Guarantee instrument that is binding on all Member States. Socialist MEP Alícia Homs highlighted the demand on Member States to ensure regimes that offer young people good quality job offers, training, and internships, including fair remuneration. To achieve this, Homs calls for reinforcing investment in the next 2021-27 budget.

“From the European Parliament we call the Commission and the European Council to firmly commit to greater funding, the prohibition of unpaid internships and the creation of quality jobs to prevent the best-prepared generation in history from becoming a lost generation in Europe,” Homs warned.

The MEP, member of the Employment Committee of the European Parliament, stressed that incorporating the gender dimension in the Youth Guarantee is a requirement for the Commission to take into account the needs of young women when addressing the gender gap. In this sense, Homs expressed her concern about “the imbalance in the labor market, in which women in general and young women in particular, suffer double discrimination.”

The text approved today also includes the prohibition of unpaid internships: internship contracts should take the form of written and legally binding agreements, which specify the tasks of the intern and include a decent remuneration so that they never lead to the replacement of a work position. “Unpaid internships are a form of labor exploitation and a violation of young people's rights,” lamented Homs while warning that the “danger of exploitation is once again very high with many young people trapped in a circle vicious.”

The Youth Guarantee program aims to ensure that all young people under the age of 30 receive a good quality job offer, training, or internship within four months of their enrollment in the Public Employment Services.

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