Alícia Homs: "The EU agreement represents a before and after for the European project"


The PSIB-PSOE MEP, Alícia Homs, has celebrated the ratification, by the European Parliament, of the agreement reached to give a joint response to the coronavirus crisis. An agreement that, in the words of Homs, represents "a before and after for the European project, both in terms of the amount of funds and the way of responding to the crisis."

Homs has also referred to this as a "historic agreement," not only because of the amount of funds - which total € 750 billion - but also because of the ways it has been set up. And it is that the agreement has been achieved through the partial debt mutualization among all the Member States, a formula never used before.

Another aspect to highlight of this Recovery Plan is that, as requested by the President of the Government of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, part of the funds will be non-refundable subsidies. In this sense, it should be remembered that Spain will receive around €140,000 million from this fund, a figure very close to that requested by the central executive. Furthermore, of that figure, more than half will be received as non-refundable transfers.

European Union Budget 2021-2027

In addition, Homs has highlighted the approval of the multi-year budget of the European Union, a negotiation stalled since 2018 and that, as a result of the latest negotiations by European leaders, "has finally seen the light."

In this way, the States have agreed for the period 2021-2027 a budget that amounts to more than € 1,8 trillion, money that will allow, in the words of Homs, “to finance European programs that play an indispensable role in the development of regions. like ours".

However, the MEP has announced that "we are not entirely satisfied with the proposal of the States and we will renegotiate specific items that we do not want to be cut".

Union to get out of the crisis together

"The historic agreement that will allow the recovery and transformation of our economic system [manifested in these two agreements that add 1.8 trillion euros to fight against the effects of the crisis in Europe] shows that united we are stronger," he stressed. the socialist MEP.

"After Covid19, we must accelerate the ecological transition, adapt to digitization and build a fairer and more inclusive economic system," concluded Homs.

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