The European Parliament approves a Resolution calling for a return to national dialogue and electoral reform in Nicaragua


The European Parliament has approved in plenary session a new Resolution in which the Nicaraguan Government of Daniel Ortega is asked to respect Human Rights, withdraw the three laws that are intended to be approved to end freedom of expression and to restore national dialogue in the country. The socialist MEP Alícia Homs has been in charge of negotiating on behalf of the S&D Group the position of the European Parliament on Nicaragua, together with Kati Piri.

In the text approved by consensus, the European Parliament condemns the attempts to adopt the unconstitutional ‘Law for Regulation of Foreign Agents’, the ‘Special Law of Cyber Crime’, and the ‘Law Against Hate Crimes’ and calls on the national assembly to reject these laws.

“Nicaraguan citizens have lived, for too long, in unacceptable circumstances. The Government of Daniel Ortega has given up defending its people and clings to power at the expense of the majority. If they continue to restrict the rights of their citizens, there will be consequences, such as more sanctions,” Homs denounced.

For this reason, the European Parliament urges the Nicaraguan Government to stop criminalizing independent voices, the media, civil society, and journalists; as well as to put an end to any intention to control and restrict freedom of expression. “We ask that hostilities against those who say what they think to cease, that those detained for expressing their ideas be released, and that those who have had to go into exile for fighting for the Nicaragua they believe in to be released”, Homs explained.

The Parliament also reminded Ortega’s Government that free, credible, inclusive, and transparent elections can only happen if there is no repression, and restoration of the rule of law and the respect of the constitutional rights of the entire country. “Return to the democratic channel. Return to the national dialogue and undertake the necessary reforms so that the next elections are free and fair,” asked the Socialist MEP, who also sent “a lot of encouragement to all those who resist day by day, to all threatened groups For many kilometers that separate us, we will continue fighting to help you regain your rights.”

The Resolution (available here) was approved with a broad consensus: 609 votes in favor, 21 against, and 64 abstentions.

The speech in plenary session can be seen in this video 👇🏽:

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