Homs defends a more capable and democratic EU in S&D conference on the future of Europe


Alícia Homs was one of the speakers invited to the conference “The political vision of the constitutional future of the European Union”, organised by the Socialists and Democrats Group in the Constitutional Affairs Committee (AFCO), the European Parliament committee in charge of supervising the process of European integration.

The main speakers in the event were Maros Sefcovic, Vice-President of the European Commission; Klara Dobrev, Vice-President of the European Parliament; and Sergej Stanishev, president of the Party of European Socialists (PES), among others. Homs was invited as president of the young European Socialists (YES) to defend the vision of those generations that will have to build the future of the EU.

In a moment when the EU is at a crossroads; with accentuated differences between Member States and social inequality due to the passed economic crisis, the surge of national-populism and the painful process of Brexit; it seems of upmost importance to talk about the challenges of the Union and how to face them.

“The European Union has a duty with democracy. It is democracy what distinguishes us; it is the system upon which we are based, but also a set of principles that unite all Europeanists”, defended Homs during her speech in the conference.

The young Europeans play a key role in the future of the EU, as figures show: more than 80% of young Europeans believe that it is better to unite the countries in our continent than to separate them. That is why it is so important that their voices are listened in the Conference on the Future of Europe, organised by the Commission, the Parliament and the Council of the EU to debate reform proposals for the functioning of the Union.

As president of YES, Homs announced that in the Conference the young Europeans will demand to shield the Spitzenkandidat system, and for all Member States to respect it. YES will also claim to grant the Parliament the right of initiative, which would enable it to propose legislation.

The young Europeans will also argue in favour of reinforcing the Social Pilar in order to strengthen youth policy and promote social justice. “Either the EU is more functional to combat inequality, or the eurosceptic will take the advantage and use its inefficacy to turn public opinion against us”, Homs said.

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